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If you don’t know me already, my name is Celina Silver. I am 25 years old and a mother to two beautiful twin daughters, Skylar and Zahra. I have been with my husband-to-be since high school. We share our lives in the Pacific Northwest and are getting married in August 2021.

You’re probably wondering how this blog came to be and what it’s going to be about. I just want to set the record straight- No, I do not think I am a Kardashian or crazy celebrity that loves to put my life out there. In fact, it’s quite the opposite, I’m not cool enough. I am an introvert that loves my me-time and peace. Even if I had all that money that comes with the fame, I would still be the same down to earth, sassy Puerto Rican chicka that enjoys the same simple lifestyle. No paparazzi, please.

Moms Are Always Wright

I looked back in the same journal I’ve been writing in since 2017 and realized I’m still struggling in one area- what people are going to think. I made the decision to completely “reinvent” myself this year from the ground up and stop caring. I had my daughters in December 2020 and started the year off with the worst PPD/PPA that lead to days and nights of highs and lows, unfortunately, there were plenty more lows than highs it felt during that time. One night, I was working on my daughters scrapbook and I had a light bulb moment 💡 – Why aren’t there enough communities for women to be unapologetically them? For moms to not be shamed? A community of women that applaud each other and remind those mommas that it’s okay to take that self care day. “Moms Are Always Wright” was created that night. I’m doing this for myself mainly to look back on and see where I was at and reminisce on pictures and moments with my little family. Maybe in a few years I’ll have another light bulb moment as I look back. I’m also doing it for YOU- the woman that’s reading this but is to ashamed or afraid to speak up, the mom that is just exhausted and feels like all she’s good for is breastfeeding and making meals and can’t remember the last time she did something for herself. We all need that friend that can shed some light in our lives, I would love for this blog to be that resource for you.

What is this blog about?

This is a lifestyle themed blog around healthy living, DIY projects, homemaking motivation and of course – motherhood. I will be sharing personal experiences I have learned as a mom managing twins, sharing motivational tips to get up and tackle your to-do list and sprinkling in a dazzle of positivity to remind you – you are not alone and things always get better.



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