Family Road Trip With 4 Month Old Twins

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For nearly 4 months our little family has been blessed with all four of us being together while Davius took time off and is now in the process of joining an apprenticeship. We decided to take a spontaneous trip as our last big thing together and take a road trip to Boise and Salt Lake City and explore places we’ve never been before. I know the girls won’t remember this whatsoever, but Davius and I will. We’ve always talked about the family traditions we wanted to put in place for our children when that day came and it’s still so surreal that those days are finally here and it’s best to start ’em young!

We went to see ‘The Niagra of the West’ – Twin Falls. It was absolutely stunning. We drove down this long windy road surrounded by huge rocks and boulders. Once we got to a certain point, we both lost cell service. I’m a firm believer that even though in this social media age having no cell service is annoying, it’s a reminder to put your phone down and take in what’s around you with the company you’re with. It was 75 degrees with a slight breeze and the perfect getaway to get some fresh air and soak in a dose of Vitamin D.

We left Idaho bright and early Tuesday morning and ventured to Salt Lake City to explore our next place. The girls did AMAZING. They slept the whole way and only woke to feed and went right back to sleep. Davius and I took turns driving, if there’s anything you know about Davius – it’s that the man LOVES his sleep! Maybe it’s the mommy in me, but I can function on broken sleep. Davius, not so much.

SLC truly did not disappoint. Similarly to Boise, we experienced amazing weather that ranged 10-20 degrees warmer compared to back home. We visited the Great Salt Lake and walked around to get some fresh air. I’ve never been to a place that has so many mountains and in close distance. It literally felt like you could just reach your arm out and touch the side of it. Throughout our relationship, one of Davius and I’s favorite thing to do is have deep conversations about life, creation and God. A few times through this road trip I was stopped in my tracks with the reminder that God truly articulated this world in great detail with the beauty each place depicts. That’s the thing about travel and why it’s so important to me- if you stay in your comfort zone, you’ll never experience what’s on the other side. I know plenty of people that are fully content in staying in their home state, living the same thing over and over without ever wondering what else this world holds. I may be young but I can say I am at a place in life where ‘Home’ is with my husband and kids. We could be in the middle of nowhere or in the place we see ‘forever’. as long as I have a kitchen to cook our meals, a place to lay my head at night and my babies with me, I will always be content.

Managing two babies while on a road trip is fun for us but does come with its tough parts. 4 month old babies eat every few hours as any mama knows, factoring their feeding schedule into everything we do is just part of our game-plan these days. A typical routine on a trip is wake up, shower while they’re still sleeping, feed/change, and pack up what feels like the whole house to support their needs during the day. As long as these babies are fed, they truly are the happiest babies.

Our next road trip we are wanting to take a trip to see the Red Wood Forest in California as well as Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming. After driving to Boise, Salt Lake and then back home I’m not anxious about how to do it all with babies while still trying to enjoy my time with hubby. Once you step out of your comfort zone and experience what your mind plays out to be the worst idea, you realize it wasn’t so bad and would 100% do it again.

I’m thankful for this experience and being able to start these traditions for our girls at a young age. We have so many things planned for us as a family. As much as I’ve enjoyed Davius’ time home, I know he’s eager to get back to work so we can start working towards our next goal.

Stay tuned!


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